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ShowdownCards.com :: Platinum Series Baseball :: PSB 2015 Games, Boxes, Packs

  Platinum Series Baseball Trading Card Game Box SKU #PSBGAME2015ST

Platinum Series Baseball or PSB is a trading card game much like MLB Showdown where you build and manage a team from the player cards you have. We have a Platinum Series Baseball review which provides more details about one of the best baseball strategy board games. Find Platinum Series Baseball player cards using our advanced search where you can buy individual cards. You build a team by collecting player cards that come with the PSB Game Box and getting additional cards from player packs sometimes also called booster packs. The PSB game comes with 30 random player cards so it is recommended you also buy some booster packs to increase the available pool of players for your team. This baseball strategy board game is easy to learn for beginning players and for more sophisticated players there are advanced rules. The 1st edition of the game came out in 2015 and the player cards feature real MLB players with statistics based upon their real life on field performance.

    Game Box Contains:
  • Tabletop PSB game board

  • Thirty random player cards enough for two teams

  • PSB pitcher cards for when a pitcher bats against another pitcher

  • Three ten sided dice (one red die, one white die and one blue die)

  • Four plastic card holders

  • Fifty PSB score sheets for home and away teams

  • A miniature pencil to keep score

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Product CodePSBGAME2015ST
Price: $ 14.50

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