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ShowdownCards.com :: Platinum Series Baseball

  Platinum Series Baseball
 PSB 2015 Games, Boxes, Packs
 Platinum Series Baseball Player Trading Cards

Platinum Series Baseball is a new trading card game where you manage your own team of MLB players. We have a Platinum Series Baseball Game player card advanced search page where you can find single cards based upon the player attributes that you choose. The game is very similar to MLB Showdown and we have a full review of PSB. The cards feature game photos of major league baseball players in action. Each player card has numbers used in playing the game and these numbers are based off of last years statistics. Therefore, really good players in real life like Mike Trout and Madison Baumgarner will make really good players for your Platinum Series Baseball teams.

The game can be played by yourself or with friends with each of you designing your own team and making the calls.

The PSB Game Box includes everything you need to play the game but you will want to get some additional player packs because the starter game box only includes 30 out of the 600 players available for 2015. Along with the thirty player cards the Game Box includes 3 ten-sided dice, small plastic stands to hold your cards, the game board, a pack of score cards and a directions manual.

There are two ways to play the game. A quick or express version of the game is played by following the rules in the instructions that come inside the game. An advanced set of rules allows for you to play a much more in-depth and realistic game taking into account factors such as weather and stadiums.

PSB 2015 Baseball Strategy Board Game Products: There are 3 main packaged products for you to choose from.

  1. PSB Game Box - This is the main starter game box which you will need to get begin playing the game.
  2. PSB player packs contain 12 cards with eight batters and four pitchers. The packs contain a random assortment of players. In order to make a better team than what comes in the starter Game Box you should buy player packs to get the really good players on your team.
  3. The PSB Wax Box also called a Booster Box contains 24 player packs.

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