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ShowdownCards.com :: MLB Showdown 2004

  MLB Showdown 2004
 Starters, Packs, Boxes
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 Trading Deadline Foil Cards
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 Trading Deadline Strategy Cards
 Pennant Run Foil Cards
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 Pennant Run Strategy Cards
 2004 League Promo

The product information for MLB Showdown 2004 is summarized below. To find a particular item click on the appropriate link above.

MLB Showdown 2004 Base Set
  • 50 Premium Foil Cards
  • 298 Common Cards
  • 50 Strategy Cards

Each two player starter set contains everything you and a friend need to play the game including two foil cards and 30 common cards. Each booster back contains 11 cards (8 player & 3 strategy cards) and approximately 1 in 3 packs contains a foil. Draft packs contain 60 cards (15 player & 45 strategy). Each draft pack contains 1 holographic foil card. Booster boxes contain 36 booster packs.

The MLB Showdown 2004 Base Set is the first set for 2004 and was released on March 26th 2004. This set features 348 player cards(50 foil and 298 common) and 50 strategy cards.

MLB Showdown 2004 Trading Deadline
The Trading Deadline release day is July 2nd, 2004. The Trading Deadline expansion features 125 player cards and 25 strategy cards. The player cards feature the Rookie Season, Super Season, and Hall of Fame subsets.

MLB Showdown 2004 Pennant Run
The MLB Showdown 2004 Pennant Run expansion was released on September 17th, 2004 and features 125 player cards and 25 strategy cards. The player cards feature the Cooperstown Collection subset with great players like Jim Palmer of the 1975 Baltimore Orioles and Whitey Ford of the 1961 New York Yankees. The set also features updated player statistics and uniforms for great players like Alex Rodriguez, Eric Gagne, Ichiro, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez and Albert Pujols.


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